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Why Bet on Cricket?

Betting on cricket exploded with the advent of T20 cricket, both internationally and in its domestic avatar.

About a decade ago, there wasn’t as much cricket in the world to bet on as there are other sports but the birth of domestic T20 leagues like IPL, Friends Life t20, Big Bash League and the explosion of international cricket in the form of the Ashes, the India v Australia cricket matches, the games between England and South Africa and the World Cup and World T20 has increased the amount of cricket betting in the last few years.

According to one of the leading betting websites in the world, the Stoke-based bet365, its annual revenue last year was £646 million, while another cricket bookmaker Ladbrokes has a net annual income of £190.3.

Increased Cricket, difficulty in analysis:

A lot of this has begun to come from cricket betting on the increased number of tournaments and series around the world.

What this excess has also done is to make it very difficult to follow – and more vitally analyse and bet on – all the cricket that’s on display around the world.

For instance, if you are in the UK and you are looking to place your bets on matches in a tournament like the Indian Premier League, it could get a touch difficult, given the time-zone differences and a general sense of it being a ‘foreign’ tournament.

Same is the case for a tournament like the Friends Life t20 for a punter in Australia or the Big Bash League for someone in Europe.

So how do we help?

What we do here is to analyse and preview each and every tournament – whether it’s a domestic T20 competition like the IPL, FLT20 and the BBL or a famous international series like the Ashes – and present to you all the vital betting tips for free on this website.

We have reliable cricket experts from across the world who will help you make informed choices about all the competitive games around and based on that you can beat the bookie and laugh your way to the bank!

Of course, you may be a beginner to sports betting or a pro in it but a first-timer as a cricket punter, our betting tips will make it very easy to make your decisions. Here’s a very basic piece on how to bet online on cricket.

Here’s also how you can bet on the Ashes.

Our Top 4 Beginners Betting Tips

1. Pick a reliable bookmaker:

Even if you are a math genius that’s capable of predicting every single result of single sport, cricket or otherwise, its of vital importance you pick a reliable bookmaker. If the bookie doesn’t pay out, clearly it won’t matter how much money you win. The easiest indicator is to check the legality of the website your intending to use. In the UK for example all bookmakers have to seek a licence from the Gambling Commission. In the case of online bookmakers,look for the Commission’s logo at the bottom of the betting sites homepage, and their licence number. Chances are with no licence the website is operating illegally, and you as the bettor are liable to get your winnings taken at any point if not by the betting site itself, then potentially a governmental organization.

2.Have a look at the offers:

Particularly on the internet, there are plenty of betting sites that offer free bets, as a way of incentivizing players to bet with them. If you have have a hunch, or a good reason to bet on a match, why not do it risk free! However before signing up with a free bet, make sure to check the terms and conditions, as some free bets require you to play multiple times to reclaim your money.

3. Evaluate the odds:

You might be convinced that the Mumbai Indians are going to win the Indian Premier League, that does not necessarily mean you should bet on them. If the odds are very narrow or very long, sometimes it does not make much sense to make financial sense to make a bet. A reputable online bookmaker offer odds on if alien life is proven at 100/1, to put this in perspective these are similar odds to be given to James Faulkner to finish Australia’s top scoring batsman for the 2015 World Cup. He’s not the best batsman, but I wouldn’t say discovering alien life is that likely!

4. Research the markets your betting on:

When betting if your truly trying to find good proposition bets, its not as easy as betting on the better team. There are an infinite amount of factors you can consider. The more research you do about the teams, the conditions and competition formats the event your betting on involves, the better chance you have of making consistent long term winning bets. If you are looking to bet on cricket, we have done some of the legwork for you, read our cricket betting tips for free here.

If you belong to a country where betting on cricket is not legal, we urge you to leave this site immediately.

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