Highlights of the Closing Ceremony for IPL 2010 at Dr DY Patil Stadium, Navi Mumbai

The Closing Ceremony was recorded live; read the highlights of the Closing Ceremony of IPL 2010 here.

The Closing Ceremony for the Indian Premier League will begin in a few minutes from now. A live update of the same; a take on the same! Hopefully, it will live up to the expectations. But then, after the atrocities that the opening ceremony had committed, the expectations would have fallen down as well; so not a lot to live up to anyway!

Word is that Bipasha Basu is going to perform, live. Saving grace for now.

Sameer Kochhar garbles something. Murali Vijay says they are doing well. Of course, they are in the finals! He also says that the pitch is looking good.

So is Bipasha!

1920 hours:

Okay, so it has gone all dark at the Stadium. Only that oft-repeated, on-so-famous smoke!

And the laser show. Again.It has become quite a favourite, this laser show. For the organizers I mean.

Sorry, false alarm, it looks like they are still warming up.

The crackers go up now. A lot of them. The deadline for the crackers is 10 pm. So, everything goes up in the air before that.

1924 hours:

Finally! AR Rahman makes his way out, and a soothing, ‘Baar baar haan…

But why is he in a truck?

Btw, behind him, there are hoards of dancers in the yellow and blue jerseys of the teams. Two other ladies as well. Three I think. Don’t recognise them. Susssssssh! That was was Sushmita in the crowd, youhooo! And Modi too. Who cares. He is leaving tomorrow.

Read the Opening Ceremony of the IPL this year here.

1928 hours:

Bipasha walks out from a rubber tanker driven by an expert. She is dressed in black and could pass off as a Bond girl. Performing to the title of Race, modified to engulf the IPL. Lip synching.

“Race hai IPL ki… race hai sixes ki, race hai wickets ki.” What is the world coming to?

Now she moves on to “All the Best.” The last time she (and the rest of them) had sung it, India had crashed out of the ICC World T20. Who will it be this time?

1932 hours:

Almost as an afterthought, they flash the name of the performer. Bipasha Basu. Thank you. Btw, again, dress changes from black to peacock-ish. Didn’t see how. Damn, missed it.

1937 hours:

Shahid Kapoor follows. Same UFO. Sorry, Unidentified Sliding Object. At least, in my limited knowledge.

He becomes the third guy in the last one hour on television with a stubble. Dinesh Karthik, Ranbir Kapoor before him. Apparently performing to Badmash, his new movie.

Is it me or ceremonies are a fad, which would do well to be phased out? A friend calls me cynical.

1941 hours:

Shahid Kapoor just shows us why lip-syncing is the best way to go about it. Awfully bad the singing sounds in front of 50k peple baying for blood. Jumped into the crowd.

I repeat, we could do without opening or closing ceremonies.

1945 hours:

A HUGE, colossal, statue of the IPL batsman. The best performer so far. So we have Jai Ho again. It was being played in the Opening Ceremony as well, as far as I remember. But thank God, it is Rahman, whose back. One song would not have done him justice.

Oh and yes, that statue actually showed his bat swing. A perfectly timed straight drive. Sign from heavens that Tendulkar’s gonna play today?

Vande Mataram from Rahman. Still think it is Rahman’s best Hindi song, better than Jai Ho.

1952 hours:

Shahid Kapoor interviewed. Are you a Rahman fan, he is asked. Yes, I am a Rahman fan, I am a Tendulkar fan…and for a minute I think he was about to rattle off a couple of other names as well. He does not. Good. Toss could happen any time now.

End of Ceremony.

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